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Girls High School Registration Now Open!

2020/2021 Girls Youth Volleyball Club Ages 13 to 18

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Spots are LIMITED!!

Middle School Youth Registration Now Open!

Club and Developmental ages 10 to 13

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Spots are LIMITED!!

SURGE Volleyball Club RI

SURGE Volleyball Club RI is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to make the sport of volleyball accessible, educational, economical  and motivational to all who wish to learn the sport. At SURGE we encourage positivity, teamwork, helping others and hard work.  SURGE members treat all persons with kindness and respect, we speak positively to ourselves and forgive our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  We recognize each team member’s value and gifts they bring to the team. By accomplishing all of this, we hope to have strengthened the self-confidence of our members and have taught the value of leadership through the sport of volleyball.

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Contact Us

Phone: 4018357002